Infinited fiber – First generation manmade natural fiber

Infinited fiber can be produced from cotton rich textile waste and other biomaterials, like wood.

  • The quality of Infinited fiber is in par with viscose, so the usage potential of it is huge.
  • The manufacturing process highly ecological compared to alternatives, like viscose manufacturing process.
  • The availability of suitable raw material, textile waste is more than good, as over 70 million tons of textile waste ends up in landfills globally.

Ecological benefits of Infinited fiber

Can regenerate new virgin fibers infinitely from textile waste:

  • Reduces the usage of virgin natural materials
  • Reduces the usage of endangered and ancient forests (30% of viscose comes from endangered and ancient forests)
  • Decreases the textile waste thrown into landfill (70 million tones globally). In Europe the waste collection industry is forecasting 4 million tons additional feasible collection potential.

Can replace cotton in several applications:

  • Reduces the water usages (20.000 liters of water / 1 kg cotton)
  • Reduces the pesticide usage (cotton producers apply 25% of all insecticides used globally)
  • Enable using the arable land for growing food

Revolutionizes the fiber manufacturing process with biomaterials

  • Carbon Disulfide (CS2) usage will avoided (CS2 is environmentally and from work safety point of view very hazardous)

More information about Infinited Fiber properties and qualities can be found under technology.