We help facilitate the big change

Infinited Fiber technology meets the demand of all the players in the fashion industry value chain:

  1. Sustainable – recycled infinitely
  2. Ecological – clearly better than current competing alternatives, like viscose
  3. Affordable fashion – the technology is 20-40% more economical than competing solutions
  4. Secured availability – can replace cotton whose availability is getting limited and there are huge volumes of textile waste which can be collected economically
  5. Low CAPEX – utilizes existing industry infrastructure maximally
  6. Increased value for the waste – Waste management industry has intensive for building collection and pretreatment.

Next steps:

  • 2016: 50.000 kg pilot with leading brands
  • 2017: Commercializing the technology to present major manufacturers in fashion industry value chain
  • 2018: Commercializing the technology to nonwoven industry value chain
  • 2019: Applications for shoes and other textiles


  • Innovativeness: The more brains the more change
  • Openness: Together we will find affordable solutions
  • Solution oriented: We want to put all in