Environmentally friendly technology

processThe core Infinited Fiber technology consists of three key processes: activation, dissolving and fractioning. With the technology you can return the cotton, viscose and other cellulose based materials back to new natural fibers. The fiber is equal to viscose.

Detailed properties of Infinited Fiber made from different cellulose based raw materials can be found in this Product sheet.

Technology can applied in any existing pulp, dissolving pulp and viscose fiber plant.


For pulp and dissolving pulp manufacturers

Infinited Fiber technology enables pulp and dissolving pulp manufacturers to extend their value chains as well as possibility to bring a new alternative raw material to the fashion industry: stable pulp derivate manufactured from fashion waste.

For viscose fiber manufacturers

Infinited Fiber technology enables viscose fiber manufacturers to improve their margins significantly and get rid Carbon disulfide CS2 – the most challenging, hazardous and un-ecological chemical in fashion industry value chain.