Our Finnish, honest engineer minds have created a carbon positive closed loop. We have the guts to make this fiber technology the new normal.

Our perspective

Finnish spirit in one sentence is engineer mindset combined with radical, introvert honesty. We love solving problems that might seem boring, but have a huge impact on the planet. Infinited Fiber was born in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe.

People today seek meaning. They want to live responsible-made-easy. We open the door to a reality, that is still a utopia for most fashion giants: affordable, new cotton. Our safe process gives the possibility to loop one’s own waste, too. And it isn’t material picky. All this is scalable and high quality. The potential is as huge as the human love for fashion. Are you a like-minded change agent, willing to save the planet with us?

We are the only ones who can turn waste into new cotton cost-efficiently.

Now we need you.

One company alone cannot save the planet. We are looking for like-minded change agents to join forces with us. We want to start an active, uplifting & fruitful dialogue with you.

Whether you have financial, brand or other influence impact, please be in touch. The planet needs you.

We have the technology. By using it, you change the world.

For change, determination is key. Let’s push the courage in each other, openly!

Let’s save the planet and make good fashion business together.

Let’s talk

Mastermind behind Infinited Fiber

Research professor Ali Harlin has wide knowledge of the impact of materials to our existence. The meaningfulness of longterm research is deep: it’s not creating an app overnight. Rather it is a love relationship that keeps on giving.

You can reach Ali’s inspiringly crazy brain by typing contact@infinitedfiber.com.

Our impact maximizer

All great minds need an interpreter that reaches out to the rest of the world. Petri Alava is not only our CEO, but our Head of Ecosystem: his responsibility is to maximize our impact by connecting with other change agents of good fashion business. Petri is a soul determined to listen, solve & build. Thanks to him, Infinited Fiber won’t stay hiding in technology labs, but meets the world.

Call +358 50 1483 or email petri.alava@infinitedfiber.com to discuss!

We are more

Antti Ratia, Communications Manager

Antti ensures that our voices are heard in the media. Antti’s responsibilities include public and stakeholder relations.

Just contact Antti for general company and product information, images or interviews.


Jani Mäkelä, Head of Engineering

Jani focuses on development: which ideas are doable and scalable. He sees the next step.

Reach for Jani when you want to plan a doable & scalable process.


Jarno Rintala, Head of quality management

Jarno is an accurate and analytical laboratory specialist who sees the forest from the trees.

Reach for Jarno about quality and chemical analysis.


Kirsi Terho, Head of Fiber

Kirsi breaths fiber in 3rd generation and is addicted to the magic of creating a new material.

Reach for Kirsi if you want to discuss fiber qualities & development.


Kari Kailajärvi, Head of Process

Kari is logical, fact-loving realist who makes sure that things get completed.

Reach for Kari, if you want to talk logistics, control or guidance.


Erkki Malanin, Head of Pilots

Erkki is passionate about fiber: any technology is exciting, as long as it smells like chemistry.

Reach for Erkki, if you want to do a pilot together. He loves crazy ideas.