With our Infinited Fiber technology you can turn textile, cardboard and agricultural waste to new natural fiber. Thus we can reduce the usage of new virgin materials.

The process

The core of Infinited Fiber technology consists of three key processes.

Fiber separation

Turning material into liquid

Turning liquid into fiber

Fits any factory

Applicable to existing pulp and viscose fiber factories (thus saving the investment costs and lowering the risks).

Viscose fiber manufacturers get rid of Carbon disulphide CS2 – the most challenging and hazardous chemical.

New, highly interesting product that meets customers’ future needs – with higher margin potential both for pulp and viscose fiber producers.

Key benefits

Transforming waste into resources

Closed loop solution to the textile problem

Pre and post consumer textile transformed into a brand new material (that feels like cotton but is more economical and sustainable).

Low enviromental impact

Up to 20.000 liters less water per kg than cotton

Less water than viscose

Carbon positive

160 000 ha less forest harvest then viscose

10% of cotton replaced equals food for 1 billion people

Cost saving

Lowers total cost in the textile industry supply chain

Reduced use of chemicals, dyestuff, water and energy due to higher color uptake

A new high performance fiber

Natural feel similar to cotton

Anti-bacterial properties

30-40% higher color uptake

Secured availability

The fiber is the same whether you manufacture it from wastes like textile, cardboard or agricultural or from wood based pulp.

From fiber philosophy to fiber force

We have a truly sustainable clothing fiber solution that is ready to be used – in any factory.

Backed by longterm research and open business attitude Infinited Fiber is already combining forces with investors and fashion companies worldwide.

We know how to turn research into reality.

Take our hand: Let’s make ecological fashion accessible & affordable to anyone

Infinited Fiber Company’s business idea is to license the technology to all industry players to meet the brand owners’ demand.

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