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73% of clothing is landfilled or burnt

“It is estimated that more than half of fast fashion production is disposed of in under a year, and one garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or burnt every second. This factor combined with a very low rate of recycling – less than 1% of material used – leads to an ever-expanding pressure on resources. This ‘take-make-dispose’ system is not only extremely wasteful, but also very polluting.” A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Psst) Ellen is doing a great job in changing the world for the better. She works with business, government and academia.

10% of cotton replaced by Infinited Fiber = food for 1 billion people.

Cotton needs huge amount of water, for 1 cotton T-shirt 2700 liters of water is needed. That’s enormous.

On top of that, there simply isn’t enough cotton available. We are the only ones who can produce new and even better cotton, from waste, cost-efficiently.

By replacing 10% of cotton with Infinited Fiber 1 billion people will be fed, daily.

Looped manmade is the new black.

Infinited Fiber can be produced from cotton rich textile waste and other biomaterials, like wood. By regenerating fiber from textile waste, we can reduce the usage of new virgin materials.

Rebirth is a dream come true. We have closed the loop. We have created infinity, so that fashion can flourish.

Together we have impact

We want a future where natural resources won’t be abused at all. However, no major shift was ever accomplished alone. In order for us to reach this utopia, we want to be active in combining the forces worldwide: from investors to fashion giants.

Patents & technologies are not enough, we need a shared, cultivated ecosystem.

Seeking allies

We believe that the more open we are, the more we can achieve. In the future openness will be a must in business and we want to lead the way.

Therefore we actively seek for dialogue with inspiring minds in companies and collectives. Our goal is to co-create the world of good fashion.

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