The future of textiles introduced in the Presidential Palace

December 6, 2019

Happy Independence Day Finland! Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo enters the Presidential Palace annual reception tonight in Helsinki wearing this gorgeous evening dress made from IFC’s material and designed by Anne-Mari Pahkala.

“I am proud to wear a Finnish circular economy innovation. We need solutions to cope with the escalating textile waste problem caused by fast fashion. The problem can be solved by increasing the life cycle of garments, developing repair and rental services and by innovations for recycling the textile waste,” says Maria Ohisalo, Interior Minister of Finland. inquiries 

New and better man-made cotton made in IFC’s revolutionary process excludes huge amount of carbon and methane emissions not to mention fertilizers, fresh water and chemicals used by cotton farming. Still, the end result is not a compromise in quality, nor in appearance.

Happy 102nd Birthday Finland!