Let’s make
textile circularity

an everyday reality.

Nothing new needs to be grown when we make the most of what’s already in circulation. Our technology turns textile waste that would otherwise be landfilled or burned into something truly valuable: Infinna™, a high-quality, circular textile fiber that reduces the world’s reliance on virgin raw materials. It addresses the twin challenges of what to do with the piles and piles of textile waste we generate globally, and our continued desire for more and more new textiles.

Meet the textile fiber that is created 100% from textile waste. It delivers the great qualities of cotton with soft and natural look and feel. Infinna™ can be used either on its own for 100% circular garments, or as a blend, and it works great in your favorite clothes and textiles. These are few of the reasons that brands are turning to Infinna™ for circularity.

“The beauty of Infinna is that the consumer would never guess it is made from recycled garments. They will get to experience the same longevity, comfort and softness as a similar product made of virgin materials.”
Lead Material Developerpatagonia

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