We at Infinited Fiber want to save the planet together with You.

We have created a miracle: a technology that allows textile waste to be used again and again, preserving 100% quality.

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We want to let fashion flourish

In fashion take-make-dispose mentality is the contemporary reality. This has made fashion one the heaviest burdens to our planet, our future. At the same time there simply isn’t enough cotton available and demand is growing.

We need impactful solutions to save fashion & our planet, and we at Infinited Fiber are here to help.

Infinited Fiber technology brings enormous social, environmental and economical impact to the textile value chain and everybody’s wardrobe.

Our revolutionary technology

closes the loop for cotton

produces new and even better cotton

is cost-efficient

A high performance fiber is born

Has a natural high quality feel like cotton

High color uptake

Needs considerably less water

Natural antibacterial properties

We are not simply recycling,we are regenerating new fiber.

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Finnish engineer minds facilitating change

Finnish spirit in one sentence is engineer mindset combined with radical, introvert honesty. We love solving problems that might seem boring, but have a huge impact on the planet.

Infinited Fiber was born in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe.

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Its happening!

Reuben Selby Showcases Infinited Fiber in Paris Fashion Week Debut

Infinited Fiber Company is proud to be featured as the textile technology of the future in Reuben Selby’s eponymous debut collection, showcased in the idyllic courtyard of the iconic Ritz Paris today. The day also marks the fourth anniversary of the Finnish biotechnology company. Infinited Fiber’s technology regenerates used textiles into high-quality, bio-based fibers, and offers a solution for circularity in fashion.

Read full press release here

Top Global Fashion Brands Say “Yes!” to Infinited Fiber Company’s Textile Recycling Technology

Infinited Fiber Company is proud to announce its collaboration with six of the world’s leading fashion and textile brands. The Finnish biotech’s technology can turn discarded textiles into high-quality, bio-based regenerated fibers, over and over again, retaining the quality of the original fibers.  The brands view the technology as a viable, circular alternative to virgin cotton that takes them a step closer to responding to the mounting consumer demand for sustainable clothing and textiles.

The fashion brands endorsing Infinited Fiber Company’s technology today are: H&M Group, BESTSELLER, PVH Corp., Wrangler, and Patagonia. Suominen, a globally leading supplier of nonwovens for wipes, is also endorsing the technology.

Read the full press release here

The future of textiles introduced in the Presidential Palace

Happy Independence Day Finland! Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo enters the Presidential Palace annual reception tonight in Helsinki wearing this gorgeous evening dress made from IFC’s material and designed by Anne-Mari Pahkala.

“I am proud to wear a Finnish circular economy innovation. We need solutions to cope with the escalating textile waste problem caused by fast fashion. The problem can be solved by increasing the life cycle of garments, developing repair and rental services and by innovations for recycling the textile waste,” says Maria Ohisalo, Interior Minister of Finland. inquiries 

New and better man-made cotton made in IFC’s revolutionary process excludes huge amount of carbon and methane emissions not to mention fertilizers, fresh water and chemicals used by cotton farming. Still, the end result is not a compromise in quality, nor in appearance.

Happy 102nd Birthday Finland!

Maisie Williams dresses up with Infinited Fiber

Global fashion brand Weekday decided to show initiative in circular fashion on White Monday and is now the world’s first global fashion brand who has published a garment from IFC fabric. The result is astonishing!

Weekday wanted to raise awareness of IFC by contacting Maisie Williams who’s known to speak about causes she cares about. Maisie co-designed a two-piece outfit which is made entirely from IFC fabric. She will also be wearing it at a public event to spread the circular fashion message.

“I’ve loved working with Weekday. I’m so excited to work with a fashion brand that is taking a conscious step forward. The IFC fabric looks and feels just like any other denim and for Weekday to create the first custom piece of its kind, for me, leaves me flattered,” says Maisie Williams, Actress.

IFC’s groundbreaking technology enables the millions of kilos of textile waste that is currently burned or landfilled, to be turned into a cost efficient, high quality cotton-like fiber. The Monday before Black Friday is a perfect time to open your mind for circular alternatives.

”Infinited Fiber Company has a really interesting new recycling technique that has potential to help Weekday in our goal towards 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials. For us, this material is extra interesting because of its cotton-like appearance and durability,” says Ulrika Jakobsson, Sustainability and Material Responsible at Weekday. 

IFC provided Weekday with a few meters of newly processed denim fiber to test and they are now the first in the world to use this fabric.

“Weekday is one of our Hero brands helping us to scale-up even faster to make our innovation available to everyone. It has been exciting to work together with Maisie to prove that sustainable fashion does not mean any compromises,” says Petri Alava, CEO, Infinited Fiber.

At the moment this garment is not a collection that can be purchased. Weekday is testing the material and they are hoping to create a full collection soon.

IFC‘s technology is operating in Finland and is patented, proven and ready for global up-scaling and licensing. Its investors include global fashion corporation H&M Group and Singapore based global biomaterials company RGE Pte Ltd.

For more information, please contact:

Antti Ratia, Communications Manager, Infinited Fiber Company


tel. +358 400 715 558

Weekday is a Swedish denim and fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style. Founded in 2002, Weekday currently ships to 19 markets and has stores in 12 countries, offering a unique retail experience and a curated mix of women’s and men’s assortments as well as a small selection of external brands.


Infinited Fiber’s Summertime Events

We would like to thank all of our visitors at Techtextil 2019 in Frankfurt! Infinited Fiber raised a lot of interest throughout the world and we had many fruitful discussions that will continue.

Moving forward, we are participating in couple of interesting events in June. The next event is WCEF (World Circular Economic Forum) in Helsinki 3-5 and the huge ITMA 20-26 June, the world’s leading textile and garment technology exhibition which is held every four years in Barelona. Our CEO Petri Alava will also be one of the speakers in the Planet Textiles summit 22ndof June at Fira de Barcelona. 

Let’s meet in the summertime events and keep on working for the sustainable future! #circulareconomy #sustainablefashion #climateaction #sustainablefiber #closedloop 

Infinited Fiber Company signs new partnerships with H&M Group, Fortum and Virala

Infinited Fiber Company Ltd. (IFC) has raised 3.7 million euros in funding from investors, including H&M Group, Fortum and Virala. IFC is currently running a 50-ton pilot plant in Finland and plans to increase the annual capacity of the next generation sustainable textile fiber production up to 500 tons in order to meet the growing demand from the market.

“I’m very proud that we have created a technology that enables textile waste to be used over and over again by producing a strong, sustainable fiber without compromising quality and comfort. We are delighted to welcome the global fashion retailer H&M Group, as well as Fortum, a leading clean energy and resource efficiency company, and Finnish investment company Virala, to be our new partners in closing the loop for textiles,” says Petri Alava, CEO of IFC. 

“We’re excited about the partnership with Infinited Fiber Company. Their innovation aligns perfectly with the H&M group’s sustainability goals and our vision to become fully circular. Infinited Fiber has proven significant potential to accelerate the journey from a linear to a circular fashion industry. We look forward to being part of developing and scaling this technology in the coming years”, says Erik Karlsson, Investment Manager for Sustainable Fashion at H&M group’s investment arm CO:LAB.

“Fortum is studying possibilities to grow business that is based on the more efficient use of biomass. We believe strongly in biorefining, new technologies and their role in a more sustainably produced textile fibre”, says Heli Antila, head of Fortum’sbusiness focusing on bio-based solutions.

In addition to cotton rich textile waste, the Infinited Fiber manufacturing process can use most material containing cellulose, e.g. recycled paper, cardboard and agricultural waste such as straw – nevertheless the reborn fiber will be the same. Properties of the Infinited Fiber include a natural soft look and feel, consistent proven quality, 30-40% better color uptake than competing fibers, it’s antibacterial and bio-degradable and has excellent moisture absorption qualities. In addition, it has a total cost competitiveness in the textile production supply chain. 

“A problem in the textile industry is the growing demand for cotton that simply isn’t available. We have proven that for example in denim applications, the commercial quality requirements can be reached with our Infinited Fiber. The global denim industry is pushing us to bring our solutions to the market. Our reborn Infinited Fiber is re-usable forever, carbon neutral and applicable like natural cotton without any microplastics harming the environment”, says Alava.

The business model of IFC is to license the Infinited Fiber technology for global fiber producers in textile and non-woven industries. The end-use applications include fashion, disposable personal care products (e.g. wipes, diapers, pads) and technical products (e.g. automotive filters, dairy, construction applications). The production process is protected by several patents in key market areas.

The sale of the first licensed commercial plant with a capacity of 25,000 tons is scheduled for 2020-2021. The pilot plant started up production in March 2018 and is selling solutions to several leading global brands.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Petri Alava, CEO                                 

Tel. +358 50 1483, petri.alava@infinitedfiber.com                   

Mr. Antti Ratia, Communications Manager

Tel. +358 400 715558, communications@infinitedfiber.com

IFC in brief

Infinited Fiber technology can turn textile, cardboard and agricultural waste to new and better cotton – infinitely. Originally technology was developed by VTT, the Technical Research Institute of Finland, by multimillion investment. All the rights and know-how were transferred to Infinited Fiber Company in early 2018. The technology process has three main phases: 1. Fiber separation, 2. Turning material into liquid, 3. Turning liquid into fiber. 

IFC offers carbon neutral fiber regeneration technology for textile and non-woven industries. The company is currently running its 50-ton pilot plant in Espoo (Finland) and has plans to increase the capacity up to 500 tons by 2020. IFC employs 11 people and its turnover in 2018 was 1.5 million euros. 


We believe that together we not only impact an industry, but transform the planet.

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