Turning textile waste
into a source of joy.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to make textile circularity an everyday reality – offering a way to capture the value in textile waste by regenerating it as a new and versatile textile fiber. We see a future that’s not reliant on precious natural resources and where old processes are replaced with cutting-edge alternatives. Working together with textile producers, brands and people who share our vision, we can bring joy and hope back to closets, homes and people as we go.

Solving global problems with Finnish engineering.

Finnish engineers are honest and humble by nature. And we love solving problems with practical solutions that make life better for people and nature. The story of our technology began decades ago, and rigorous research and development have brought us to where we are now: on our way to scale for real impact.

We are working to build the first commercial-scale circular Infinna™ fiber factory at the site of a discontinued paper mill in Northern Finland. The factory, set to start commercial deliveries in 2026, will have a production capacity of 30,000 metric tons of Infinna™ annually, equivalent to the fiber needed for about 100 million T-shirts. The future factory’s customer-base includes several of the world’s leading apparel companies.

Infinited Fiber Company was born out of the desire to solve some of the biggest challenges in the textile industry – mountains of waste, limited natural resources, and consumers calling for more sustainable choices. Our dream is a future where the clothes we wear and all the products we use are made in balance with nature. Where renewing what already exists is more valuable than producing what doesn’t. Together, we can make this dream a reality.

Meet our leadership team.

Chief Executive Officer

Petri Alava

Chief People Officer

Kirsi Kuntsi

Chief Commercial Officer

Liisa Haavanlammi

Chief Technology Officer

Sakari Siren

Chief Financial Officer

Mika Alava

Key Account Director

Kirsi Roine

Chief Marketing Officer

Tanja Karila

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jari Ekblad

Together we can make a difference.

We believe in the power of collaboration. The more people we have working towards common goals, the quicker we’ll get there. These organizations are doing an amazing job of bringing a wide range of stakeholders together, and we’re proud to be involved.

New Cotton Project

The New Cotton Project is a 12-member international consortium harnessing collaboration and our textile fiber regeneration technology to create a blueprint for circular fashion and to inspire the industry to shift from linear and wasteful to circular and sustainable. We are proud to lead the EU-funded project which began in October 2020 and runs for 3 years.

Textile Exchange

We are a proud member of Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit that creates leaders in the preferred fiber and materials industry. We are also a member of the Textile Exchange MMCF Round Table, a network of global multi-stakeholders working towards the sustainable transformation of man-made cellulosic fibers.


We signed Canopy’s Ancient Forest Friendly Sourcing Policy in June 2019 to pledge our commitment to sustainable raw material sourcing and responsible practices that protect biodiversity and ecosystem integrity.

Fashion For Good

We were invited to sustainable innovation platform Fashion for Good’s scaling program in 2017 to fast-track sustainable innovation within the apparel supply chain. We’re also one of the innovators in FFG’s Full Circle Textiles Project initiated in 2020.

CIRFS European Man-made Fibres Association

Through our CIRFS membership we are working with others in our industry towards a future where sustainable manmade fibers play an important role in meeting the future needs of consumers, societies, and our planet.

Suomen Tekstiili ja Muoti – Finnish Textile and Fashion

Our roots are in Finland and through our membership in Suomen Tekstiili ja Muoti, the central organization for textile, clothing and fashion companies in Finland, we are working with our local peers for the sustainability and success of the industry.