From textile waste to fashion.

Closing the loop.

Infinna™ is a virgin-quality circular fiber made 100% from cotton-rich textile waste, such as worn-out clothes, otherwise destined to landfills or incinerators. Infinna™ has the natural and soft look and feel of cotton, and it can be used either on its own for 100% recycled garments or blended with other fibers, such as organic cotton or viscose. Infinna™ helps brands meet their sustainability and circularity targets by replacing virgin materials and enables creating high-quality styles that come from a great place.

100% from textile waste, fully circular

Infinna™ is a virgin-quality textile fiber regenerated 100% from textile waste – the recycled content has been certified by SCS Global Services. When finally worn out, clothes and textiles made with Infinna™ can be recycled with other textile waste, enabling textile circularity.

An alternative to virgin materials

A high-quality Next Generation material that’s soft and versatile and can be used to replace virgin materials. It is made from textile waste instead of cotton, wood or oil. With Infinna™, nothing new needs to be grown to make something new.

Natural and biodegradable, no microplastics

Infinna™ is as natural as manmade can be. It’s created out of cellulose, which is a building block of all plants – anything else that’s in the textile waste is cleaned out in our process. Infinna™ is completely biodegradable and contains no microplastics.

Supply chain ready

Infinna™ fibers are easy to integrate into the supply chain – yarn spinners and textile manufacturers can use commonly known technologies and their existing equipment to process Infinna™ into yarns and fabrics.

Soft and versatile

Whether you use it to make a t-shirt, dress, jeans, hoodie or dress shirt, Infinna™ feels soft and natural to the touch – much like cotton.

Saves water

Producing the fibers to make one t-shirt with Infinna™ takes almost 90% less water compared to producing a similar amount of conventional cotton. Multiply by the 2 billion T-shirts made annually, and you see the scope of what’s possible.

The circular fiber.

Made from cotton-rich textile waste, Infinna™ is a new high-quality cellulose fiber that can be used to replace virgin materials such as cotton, viscose or polyester. Infinna™ has the natural look and feel of cotton, plus unique properties that make it ideal for use in a range of fabrics – from soft single jersey and French terry to denim, shirting fabric and beyond.

  • Virgin-quality fiber made 100% from cotton-rich textile waste
  • Use onits own for 100% recycled textiles or blend with other fibers
  • Unique soft and cotton-like touch

Perfect on its own, blends like a dream.

You can play with Infinna™ and use it for various types of textiles creating something new and unique or, for example, pair of jeans just like your favorite ones. Infinna™ fibers are easy to integrate into the supply chain – yarn spinners and textile manufacturers can use commonly known technologies and their existing equipment for it. Infinna™ has been tested and proven for production with all commonly used spinning methods and for creating various types of textiles. Infinna™s unique properties include high dye-uptake and very good color fastness.

  • Spinning methods: Ring, compact ring, open end, air-jet
  • Yarn counts from Ne7 to Ne40 as 100% Infinna (blends: Ne6-Ne50)
  • Circular knits, denims, woven fabrics, nonwovens

Made with Infinna™.

The fabrics and clothing featured here are made from 50% – 100% Infinna™ reborn from 100% post-consumer textile waste, demonstrating the versatility and quality of our fibers.



French terry

Woven fabrics

Printed wovens

Photo Fanny Haga