A fresh start for nonwovens.

Circular from the get-go.

The nonwovens industry is ready for a more sustainable future, and we’re here to help. Infinna™ is a strong, pure and biodegradable fiber that’s made from resources that already exist. It reduces reliance on oil, providing a circular and biodegradable alternative to polyester. Infinna™ promises a fresh, more sustainable start for the growing nonwovens industry.


Infinna™ is biodegradable and contains no microplastics because it’s made of cellulose – the same stuff all plants use as their building blocks.


Regenerated from cellulose-based waste through a process that removes impurities, Infinna™ reduces reliance on virgin materials.

Nice on the skin

Soft like cotton, Infinna™ feels comfortable on skin. It’s also naturally anti-microbial and found not to irritate or sensitize skin in test conditions.
Suominen aims to be the frontrunner for nonwoven innovation and sustainability. We see great potential in Infinited Fiber Company’s technology for circular product design and a less wasteful future for the essential single-use items.
Miika NikinmaaManager, R&D, Suominen

Tried and tested.

While it’s early days, we’re already working with nonwovens producers who have put Infinna™ to the test with promising results. What we know so far is that it:

  • Performs beautifully in rubbing tests
  • Feels soft against the skin
  • Is durable
  • Has natural anti-microbial properties
  • Is well-suited to soft-hygiene and consumer products

Each nonwoven application is unique, with very different requirements. Let’s work together to test how Infinna™ would perform in your products. Get in touch.