It’s called Infinna™!

January 20, 2021
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Infinited Fiber Company’s flagship regenerated textile fiber now has a name of its own: Infinna™.  

Until now, both our company and the planet-friendly fiber created with our technology have been called Infinited Fiber. As we move closer to garments made with the fiber becoming available for purchase, we felt it was important to make a distinction between the two.

“Infinited Fiber Company is about the technology and the innovation, while Infinna is the ingredient brand that we want consumers to learn to know and love,” says Infinited Fiber Company Chief Marketing Officer Ann Sarimo.

Just like the Infinited Fiber Company logo, the new Infinna logomark is derived from the infinity symbol. The dashed line represents stiches and illustrates the “infinite path” which Infinna enables for the textile industry.

“We’ve selected a neutral black and white color palette for the Infinna brand so that it can be used seamlessly alongside the unique branding and logos of the textile and yarn makers, fashion brands and others that we anticipate to be using it in coming years,” Sarimo said.

“Our hope is that Infinna will come to stand for something extremely positive and powerful in the consumer textile industry going forward.”

The Infinna brand design and development work was done by TBWA Helsinki.

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