Wired features Infinited Fiber on its hottest startups list

August 13, 2021
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August 13, 2021

Global tech publication Wired has included Infinited Fiber Company in its lineup of this year’s 100 Hottest Startups in Europe. The list celebrates the startup scene across Europe, highlighting the success, innovation and investment happening throughout the continent. 

Finland was one of the few European countries to have seen growth in the amount of capital poured into tech startups in 2020. Finnish gaming company Supercell CEO and co-founder, Ilkka Paananen, believes that Finland is “the best place in the world” to found a startup, thanks in part to the high quality of living, which is increasingly appealing to international talent.

We’re thrilled to be included in the Hottest Startups in Helsinki list, along with many other innovative companies that span a wide range of sectors, including IQM, developers of quantum computing hardware, Gubbe, who organise elderly care by connecting the families of the elderly with students, Flowrite, a language generation browser extension, and sustainable packaging company Sulapac. A key commonality in Finland’s list is the focus on sustainability. 

“We’re delighted and grateful to be included in Wired’s list of the hottest startups in Europe. We want to bring joy and hope back into fashion by helping to make circularity an everyday reality in the textile industry. Wired is a globally renowned publication, and this recognition provides a great platform to increase awareness for Infinited Fiber Company’s technology for regenerating high-quality textile fibers from textile waste,” said Petri Alava, Infinited Fiber Company co-founder and CEO.

Infinited Fiber Company features on the list as a result of our unique recycling technology and the resulting regenerated textile fiber, Infinna™, which enables circularity in textiles. Wired also cites our aim to renew excitement in fashion for environmentally-conscious customers, which has garnered investment from leading global fashion brands such as H&M Group, adidas, BESTSELLER and Patagonia.

We hope our inclusion on the list will lead to more people recognizing the importance of shifting towards a circular economy and the innovation happening to make textile circularity an everyday reality.

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