Infinna™ wins second prize at EARTO Innovation Awards

October 27, 2021
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From left to right: Infinited Fiber CTO Sakari Siren and Infinited Fiber Company co-founders, VTT Research Professor Ali Harlin and CEO Petri Alava against a backdrop of black fabric made with 100% Infinna™.

October 27th 2021

The annual EARTO Innovation Awards recognize “innovations with significant social and/or economic impact”, and we’re thrilled that Infinna™ has won second prize in the “Innovation Expected” category of the 2021 Awards.

The European Association of Research and Technology (EARTO) hosts the competition, for all its members, which include non-profit research and technology organizations with public missions to support society based mainly in Europe. 

The application for Infinna™ was submitted by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, where the idea of using cellulose carbamate technology to turn textile waste into unique new textile fibers was initially born. Infinited Fiber Company was founded in 2016 to develop the technology further and to commercialize it.  

This award is an amazing celebration of the collaboration that’s often needed to take amazing innovations out of the lab for the benefit of societies at large, and of the progress we have made towards making circularity and everyday reality. 

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