Infinna™ to feature in future GANNI collections

November 10, 2021
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November 10th 2021 – release published by GANNI

Marking another step on their journey to become more responsible, contemporary  womenswear brand GANNI signs an agreement with Finnish circular fashion technology group  Infinited Fiber Company to use their breakthrough textile waste regeneration technology in future garment production. 

Infinna™ is a unique, patented, virgin-quality regenerated textile fiber with the soft and natural  look and feel of cotton. Created using a tested and proven technology, the premium-quality  fibers are made from cotton-rich textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or be  burned. Locally sourced in Finland by Infinited Fiber, the old textiles are broken down at the  molecular level and reborn as new fibers.  

As it’s made of cellulose, a building block of all plants, Infinna contains no microplastics to  clog our seas, and instead keeps biomass in circulation, sparing the land and making space  for food crops and wilderness instead. The garments produced with Infinna™ can be recycled  again in the same process with other textile waste.  

GANNI currently uses 70%+ certified organic or recycled materials across their collections  and is committed to using only 100% responsible materials in the future. The brand has  done multiple collections utilizing excess stock and fabrics, like their recent collaboration  with London-based Ahluwalia. The brand also offers rentals through GANNI Repeat, in-store  repairs and is committed to launching resale options for their community at the beginning of 2022. 

“At Ganni, we seriously believe that textiles are the new plastics so we need to go fully circular  to survive long-term. We currently use recycled or organic materials in 70%+ of our collections  and capsules of excess fabric are a fixed part of our product offering, but it’s just the beginning.  Infinna™ is an exciting addition to our collections and takes us one step closer to creating  more responsible collections. We need more transformative and innovative solutions like this,  that increase the value of textile waste instead of the other way around.” Nicolaj Reffstrup,  GANNI Founder.  

“GANNI is known for its forward-leaning approach to sustainability. Our environmental values  are aligned, and we are absolutely delighted to be working with them to add our regenerated  Infinna™ fiber to their portfolio of innovative materials. We can’t wait to see #GANNIGirls  around the world bring our Infinna™ to life in beautiful clothes, and show off how upbeat and  expressive designs created from a material made purely from textiles that have been given a  second life can be.” Kirsi Terho, Key Account Director, Infinited Fiber Company.

The products are yet to be confirmed but are expected to launch in 2022.

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