Infinna™ wins World Bioproduct Day ‘Environmental Impact’ award

July 9, 2022
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Infinna™ has won the ‘Environmental Impact’ category of the World Bioeconomy Forum’s World Bioproduct Day social campaign.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between The World Bioeconomy Forum, Transition2Bio, The European Bioeconomy Network, and BioVoices,  designed to raise awareness of the importance of bioproducts and how they contribute to the larger goal of environmental sustainability and climate action.

Other winners included the Università degli Studi di Trieste, Carmen Scioti, Stefan F. Keppler and the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology, who won the Innovative Youth, Communication, Societal Impact and Innovation categories respectively.

As part of the campaign the World Bioeconomy Forum shared stories of innovative bioproducts, like Infinna™, showcasing their purpose and environmental benefits. 

As the global effort towards sustainability and environmentally-friendly options increases across sectors and industries, the adoption of bio-based alternatives over non-renewable products continues to grow.

The adoption of more bio-based materials is a proactive step towards a more sustainable and circular supply chain in all industries. Infinna™ can be made of cellulose collected from discarded cotton-rich textiles, and has the potential to play a key role in making circularity an everyday reality across the fashion and textile industry.

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