Reima and Infinited Fiber bring Finnish circular innovation to kidswear  

August 15, 2023
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Reima, the leading kids-only activewear brand from Finland, and Infinited Fiber Company, a Finnish technology and fashion powerhouse, have joint forces to explore new possibilities for future kidswear. As a result of the cooperation, Reima launches the world’s first kids’ hoodie that’s made with the innovative InfinnaTM fibers. InfinnaTM, regenerated 100% from textile waste, gives a new life to worn-out textiles, thus helping the industry shift toward circularity.  

“Reima always puts the child in focus. Our company’s reasons to exist are kids and their future, which means we must always strive to act sustainably,” states Reima CEO Elina Björklund. “Longevity is a vital element in the sustainability of clothing. This hoodie not only lengthens the life of cotton textiles, but we’ve also designed it to be used for a long time: the product literally grows together with the child, and as a classic style, it can be passed on to the next user. Once it’s used up, it can get a new life thanks to Infinited Fiber’s innovation. Finally, circularity is reality, and we all at Reima are super proud to be part of it.”  

“We are so excited to partner with Reima, iconic Finnish children’s wear brand. Uudesti hoodie is the first commercial kidswear product made with InfinnaTM, and we are so happy with Reima’s fantastic design! This collaboration is an affirmation that InfinnaTM meets the durability and safety requirements essential for kidswear materials,” says Kirsi Roine, Key Account Director at Infinited Fiber Company. “Alike kids, we at Infinited Fiber are curious by nature. It has enabled us to innovate a technology that regenerates textile waste into brand new fibers and lessens the need to grow new materials with heavier footprint. Together with brands like Reima, we can push textile circularity forward for the benefit of kids – who are the future”, she continues. 

How was the Reima InfinnaTM hoodie born? 

Reima and Infinited Fiber started a dialogue about the exciting potential of InfinnaTM fiber and possible cooperation in 2022. After Reima’s Finnish designers got to have their say, the story of the hoodie began. It’s an example of European cooperation for a new, greener textile industry: 

  • Infinited Fiber Company in Finland processes post-consumer textile waste such as used t-shirts, jeans, and sheets into completely new regenerated fiber 
  • Inovafil in Portugal spins the InfinnaTM fibers into thin yarn, blending them with organic cotton farmed in Tanzania 
  • Eusebio in Italy knits the sweatshirt fabric and brushes it to be nice and soft on the inside 
  • Tuotenauha in Finland produces the care labels and other trims for the hoodie 
  • Ommellinen in Jyväskylä, Finland, cuts and sews the hoodies 
  • Reima stores in Finland (excluding outlets) sell the hoodies to kids – Reima also gives a part of them out to tester families in Sweden and Germany! 

The name of the hoodie is Uudesti. That’s Finnish for again or anew.

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