Infinited Fiber nominated for Nordic Council Environment Prize 2023

September 4, 2023
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We are proud to share that Infinited Fiber has been nominated for the 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize. The aim of The Nordic Council Environment Prize, awarded since 1995, is to raise awareness of work on the environment in the Nordic Region and this year, the award´s theme is sustainable consumption and production of textiles.

“The 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize will be awarded to a key player that is pursuing the systemic transformation of the textile industry and textile consumption in a way that is sustainable on a global scale”, states the Nordic Council´s press release. We are very happy that our circular Infinna™ fiber, regenerated 100% from textile waste, is recognized as one of the gamechangers for a more sustainable textile industry.

According to the Nordic Council´s adjudication committee, “Infinited Fiber Company is nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize thanks to its multi-pronged approach to sustainability, its innovative technology, and its focus on co-operation throughout the textile value chain”. The winner of the 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize will be announced on 31 October in Oslo in connection with the Session of the Nordic Council.  

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