Infinited Fiber and Lindex seal the deal for Infinna™

October 20, 2023
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Infinited Fiber Company and one of Europe’s leading fashion brands, Lindex, have signed a multi-year offtake agreement for Infinna™ fiber, regenerated 100% from textile waste. Partnering with Infinited Fiber is an important step in Lindex’s transformation to a more sustainable and circular assortment and we at Infinited Fiber are proud to join forces with Lindex, contributing to their aspiration to make a difference for future generations through our groundbreaking textile-to-textile recycling technology.

With this partnership and multi-year offtake agreement, Lindex secures their share of Infinna™ fiber from our first commercial-scale factory, set to start operations in Northern Finland in 2026. Already in 2024, Lindex will start preparing for the fiber´s increasing availability by testing and innovating with the novel material. By incorporating Infinna™, Lindex expands its material portfolio with a circular alternative to cotton and other manmade cellulosic fibers, such as viscose.

“With only a fraction of all textile waste in the world being recycled there must be a change and we are happy to see players like Infinited Fiber enabling this. Infinited Fiber has the technology and opportunity to close the loop and turn post-consumer textile waste into new high-quality cotton-like raw material. This is a great opportunity, not only for Lindex but for the entire textile industry. Together we can drive positive change in the textile industry all while continuing our circular journey and minimising our environmental impact,” says Annette Tenstam, Strategic Lead Circularity & Environmental Sustainability, at Lindex.

“We thank Lindex for their trust in Infinna™ and their vision for using it in their future collections. We are proud to partner with forward-looking brands like Lindex, who make commercially binding commitments to buying Infinna™ from our future factories. Trailblazers like them have shifted their thinking and purchasing behavior to enable the transformation of fashion. Following their lead, each link in the textile value chain should turn their mindset from linear towards circular. We warmly welcome Lindex into our growing ecosystem of gamechangers”, says Kirsi Roine, Key Account Director at Infinited Fiber Company.

We can´t wait to see Infinna™ come to life in Lindex´s clothes, showcasing once again that by using a high-quality material made purely from discarded textiles, brands don´t need to compromise between environmental performance, quality and style.

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